A-series Air Feed Ozone Generator

  • A-series Air Feed Ozone Generator models are ready to use, compact, cost-efficient, wall mountable and integrated with feed gas system. It comes with inbuilt oil free compressor, provides ozone gas, by just giving power connection to it. No other additional connections are required & installation is very simple.

    A-series Air Feed Ozone Generator uses a patented High Voltage, High Frequency Corona Discharge technology for ozone production. It is built on a GRP fiberglass enclosure that is rugged, weather-proof and static-electricity safe. All the materials used inside the machine are highly compatible and resistant to ozone such as SS fittings, SS base plate and Teflon tubes for connections. Air cooling by using highly efficient fans in specific designed areas allows for better heat dissipation, thereby increasing the overall efficiency and life.

  • Available Models: A1G, A2G, A4G, A6G, A10G, A20G

    • Ready to use ozone system
    • Compact and Wall mountable
    • High voltage and High frequency corona discharge
    • Long life stainless steel ozone electrodes
    • GRP cabinet for safety, ruggedness and durability
    • Built in oil free air compressor
    • Air cooled electrodes
    • Over current, over temperature protection
    • Lowest power consumption in its class
    • Variable ozone output (0-100%)