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Advanced Abdominal Palpation And Delivery Mechanism

  • Features:

        Demonstrate the fetus, umbilical cord and placenta of vacuum-assisted delivery, flexible fetal joint ad multiple normal and abnormal positions of fetal delivery can be showed.

        Equipped with manual delivery mechanical parts; by manual the whole delivery process including engagement, descending, flexion, internal rotation, extension, restoration, external rotation and fetal delivery can be showed.

        Can practice and master the comprehensive skills of normal labor, abnormal labor (dystocia), midwifery and perineum protection.

        Equipped with soft elevated cushion for Leopold Maneuver practice.

        Equipped with models for cervical and vaginal examination practice before and a birth

    Component : A (Matrix for Manual Delivery Demonstration ) + B (Fetus for Demonstration) +

    C (Lifting Soft Pad for Leopold Maneuver Practice) + D (Cervical Changes Models)

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