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Advanced Nursing Training & Wound Care Manikin (Unisex)

  • This Advanced Nursing and Wound care model is a full-body lifelike manikin, which is specifically designed for professional nursing training. This high quality manikin will provide a wide range of possible exercises including both first aid and emergency situations.

  • Nursing Skills:

        Head care: hair washing, face washing

        Irrigation of the eyes and ears

        Oral cavity care

        Oral cavity and nasal cavity intubation

        Oxygen inhaling

        Oral and nasal feeding


        Organs structure of thorax

        Venipuncture and injection, transfusion

        Deltoid injection

        Puncture of thorax, abdominal cavity, liver, medulla and lumbar


        Urethral Catheterization for male and female

        Irrigation of bladder for male and female

        Ostomy irrigation

        Gluteus injection

        Organs structure of abdominal cavity

        General care, bed bathes, dressing and undressing

        Wound care: disinfection, dressing change, binding, hemostasia

        Trauma parts:

    • The suturing care for the wound on the chest wall

    • The suturing care for the wound on the abdomen

    • The suturing care for the wound on the thigh

    • The care for the bruise of the skin of thigh

    • The care for the infectious ulceration

    • The care for the foot gangrene

    • Wound of forearm amputation

    • Wound of calf amputation

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