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16 Trauma components, life like texture, practice cleaning, sterilizing, stop bleeding and bandaging

Advanced Trauma Evaluation Model (Trauma Moulage Kit)

SKU: FA-6805
  • Trauma component includes :

    • Facial burn degree I, II, III
    • Forehead open wound
    • Jaw trauma
    • Open Fracture of clavicle and chest contusion
    • Abdominal trauma with exposed small intestine
    • Right arm humerus open fracture
    • Right hand open fracture, soft tissue laceration
    • Left hand bullet wound
    • Right thigh composite femoral fracture
    • Right thigh sharp metal stab wound
    • Right leg open compound fracture
    • Right feet compound fracture, little toe truncation
    • Left arm burn degree I,II,III
    • Left thigh truncation trauma
    • Leg amputation
    • Thigh muscle injury
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