Agar Agar - Bacteriological Grade

  • This Agar Agar is used extensively in laboratory research as a substrate for growing bacteria and fungi in pure cultures.  This Agar Agar can be used as a culture media for practically all pathogenic and nonpathogenic bacteria and fungi because it is does not metabolise easily and has a good gel firmness, elasticity, clarity and stability. 

    Application: Culture Media (Microbiology)

    The earliest industrial application of Agar Agar was in the preparation of solid microbiological media. Its  several properties make it an ideal solidifying substance for microbiological media, particularly its resistance to microbial degradation. Because of its high gellifying power and its vegetable origin, Agar Agar constitutes a natural non- toxic matrix for the formation of culture media in Microbiology.


    Bulk : 25 kg fibreboard drum & carton

    Retail : 1kg polycontainers