Agar Agar - Pharmaceutical Grade

  • Agar Agar is useful as a laxative. When hydrated it provides a smooth, non- irritant bulk in the digestive tract. This Agar can be used in the preparation of emulsions, suspensions, capsules and suppositories in surgical lubricants and as a suspending agent for Barium Sulphate Radiology.

    Application: Pharmaceutical

    Due to its gel strength and microbial flora absence, Agar Agar is used in the pharmaceutical industry as gelling, stabilizer and thickener agent. Stable and inert, this polysaccharide is water soluble, and it produces reversible gels useful for pharmaceutical products formulation. Agar Agar is used in the pharmaceutical industry for many applications such as elaboration of medicaments and capsules, excipient ingredient in pills, tablets and syrups and as laxatives.

  • Bulk : 25 kg fibreboard drum

    Retail : 500 gm Container