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Agar Agar Technical Grade

  • Agar Agar Technical Grade is used for many purposes where clarity is not of the much importance. We offer Technical Grade Agar of different specifications based on the applications as listed below.


    Air Freshener Gels: We offer Agar Agar used in gel form in air fresheners. It acts as a gelling agent and helps to retain the smell in essential oils in the air feshener.

    Bio Fertilizers: We offer Agar Agar used in the production of bio fertilizer gels. This type of Agar Agar is permitted as a biofertilizer component in organic farming.

    Cosmetics: We offer Agar Agar used in the production of skin care products and cosmetics. In the cosmetics sector, Agar Agar is used as gelling, thickening and stablising agents in facial creams/lotions, foundations, shaving creams, tooth paste, liquid soap, body wash and others.

    Insect Feeds: We offer Agar Agar that provides crickets and other feeder insects with a safe, clean water source in a convenient gel form. This easy-to-use formula eliminates many of the problems associated with traditional watering methods, such as the formation of deadly bacteria and loss through drowning. Due to its unique characteristics, this Agar Agar has gained tremendous importance in the field of cricket farming.

    Dentistry: In dentistry, Agar Agar is used to make dental impressions. The Agar Agar type hydrocolloids are thermoplastic, elastic materials which are softened by heating, hardened by cooling and used repeatedly. In the hardened state, they are flexible and elastic and ideal for making dental molds and impressions.

  • Clarity: Clear

    Particle Size: 100% Pass 80 Mesh

    Moisture: Less Than 15%

    Ph: 6.0 - 7.5

    Ash: Less Than 3%

    Gel Strength: 800 -850 Gm/Cm2

    Gelling Temperature: 30 - 40 deg C

    Melting Temperature: 90 - 95 deg C

    Swelling Index: Greater Than or Equal 9 ml

    Water Absorption: Less Than 75 ml

    Gelatin: Passes Test

    Extraneous Matter: Less Than 0.5%

    Acid Insoluble Ash: Less Than 0.5%

    Total Colony Count: Less Than 1000 Cfu/Gm

    Enterobacteria: Absent

    Coliform Bacteria: Absent

    Mold: Less Than 100

    Yeast: Less Than 100



    5,10, 25 kg Cartons

    25 kg fibreboard drum

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