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Automatic Sanitization Machine (Walking Tunnel)

  • The tunnel is basically used to disinfect the body's passing through the tunnel, against the highly contagious virus Corona (Covid-19). Our Sanitization Chamber can be kept at a various place such as Entry of Hospitals, Malls, Super Market, School, Colleges, Corporate office, Banks Etc.

    Sanitization Chamber is the solution for the gathering of the infection-free crowd. This System enables the distribution of disinfectant liquid and helps to sanitize the human body thoroughly. The foggers only start working when a person enters the tunnel the machine is on for around 10 seconds and this timing is sufficient for the human body.

    USING INSTRUCTIONS: one can place this machine at the entrance of a hospital, building, corporate company etc.

    As the person enters he/she must enter through the sanitization tunnel, where he/she will get fully disinfected with the help of the machine and further risk of infection can be avoided.

    • Sanitizer tank capacity: 500 liter
    • No. of Sprinkles: 8
    • Input Electrical Supply: 230 volt 50hz 1 phase
    • Current Rating in Amperes: 3 Ampere
    • Operation Start/off: Automatic
    • No. of operational Light: 4
    • Enclosure: Powder Coated Mild steel and Plastic sheet
    • Material of the tubes: CPVC and PV
    • Floor: High quality mat to kill/destroy virus using solution
    • Steps: 3
    • Overall dimensions of machine: 3x5.5x10infeet
    • Gross weight of machine in kg: 180
    • Short circuit protection: Yes
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