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B-series Water Cooled Ozone Generator

  • The B-series Water Cooled Ozone Generators with High Voltage High frequency Corona Discharge are designed for high performance. Utilizing the Patented Ozone Block Technology, it works from external oxygen feed gas to produce high concentration linear ozone of up to 10% by weight. Higher the concentration, lesser the oxygen demand & better dissolved ozone efficiency. The B-Series models are available between 30 gm/hr to 5 kg/hr capacities based on customer requirements. Designed for 24x7 continuous running & maintenance-free operation, its water-cooled models use specific patented technologies. 

    • Patented Ozone Block Technology
    • Compact Footprint
    • Modular Design
    • Features & Safety Functions
    • Engineered to Perfection
    • Trusted Reliable
    • PLC with HMI
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