Blood Bank Software-Net Blood Bank

    • Database Driven: Accurate database record management, detailed blood bag database and detailed donor database 
    • Search: Search facilities by donor, patient, doctor, blood bag, and other recognition clues  Correlation and cross referencing between files makes this a useful feature 
    • Fast, Secure and Easy: Faster response time and better control, blood cross matching (both electronic cross-matching and serological cross-matching) and result storing facility 
    • Efficient: Customization makes it dynamic software as per your need, there is add on facility of bar code scanning and printing available as an option 
    • Automation: Sends various auto-SMS like testing report, post-donation wish, birthday wish etc, interface with grouping and testing machine 
    • Aadhar Linking: The software is linked with aadhar card " Net blood bank software reads the information from aadhar card and displays it on various forms in the software 
    • Reports: Exhaustive report formats and registers, accounting facilities include patients bills, income report, and " outstanding balance reports on all types of printers 
    • Savings: Low initial outlay i.e. low cost investment, Long term benefits and savings