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Body Temperature Detection Network Camera, ZNT8-B0F8-TASX4

    • On-board temp-detection algorithm
    • One IP address two channels
    • Eective pixels 400×300
    • Sensitivity 40mK
    • Body detection, up to 16 Targets
    • Response Time 30ms
    • Thermal: 8mm Fixed lens
    • Accuracy of 0.3 Celsius
    • 17 color control
  • Thermal Camera ZNT8-B0F8-TASX4
    Detector Type Uncooled IRFPA Microbolometer
    Effective Pixels 400(H) ×300(V)
    Pixel Size 17um
    Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) 40mK @ F1.0, 300K
    Spectral Range 8~14um
    Image Setting Polarity LUT/ DVE/ Mirror/ FCC/ /3D DNR Brightness/Contrast/ ROI
    Color Palettes Black-Heat/White-Heat/Rainbow/Iron-Red up to 17 modes
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