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CareFusion LTV 1000 Ventilator

  • At a fraction of the size of comparably equipped systems, the LTV® 1000 ventilator provides the ventilation solutions you need throughout the continuum of patient care. 

    • Turbine technology eliminates the need for compressed air, allowing transport ventilation where and when you need it. The LTV 1000 ventilator can be used on the ground, in the air and throughout the hospital.
    • The LTV 1000 ventilator is available for use on a stand, in a backpack or in a custom carrier. It has the versatility to be mounted inside air or ground transport using the LTV dovetail bracket mounting system or a custom fitting bracket for your medical patient transport vehicle. The easy to read LED display panel and front panel buttons combine for quick and convenient operation for the user. 
    • A wide variety of power sources are available for the LTV 1000 ventilator.  The internal battery offers an extra layer of power protection for your patient and the caregiver. The LTV 1000 ventilator can be connected directly to a wall outlet using the LTV AC adapter, to an automobile power adapter or to external battery options, including our SprintPack Lithium-Ion Power System.
    • The LTV 1000 ventilator offers both Invasive and Noninvasive modes of ventilation in Pressure Control, Pressure Support, Volume Control and Spontaneous Breath Types, delivered with flow triggering. A built-in blender provides O2 from 21 to 100% or a low pressure O2 source can be used to bleed in oxygen. The addition of SIMV, CPAP and Apnea Back-up combine to create flexible portable ventilation technology.
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