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First Aid Charts - Set Of 15 Charts

SKU: FA01-15
  • Laminated and Fitted with best Quality Rollers Rigid lamination, Aluminium Frame with Markable Surface.

    Size: 50X75cms


    • FA01 Skeleton And Circulatory System
    • FA02 Triangular Bandages
    • FA03 Roller Bandages
    • FA04 Fractures
    • FA05 Artificial Respiration
    • FA06 Transport of the injured
    • FA07 Unconsciousness
    • FA08 Haemmorhage
    • FA09 Electric Shock Treatment
    • FA10 Emergency Resuscitation
    • FA11 Removal of foreign bodies from eye, ear, nose
    • FA12 Burns And Scalds
    • FA13 Snakes And Their Bites
    • FA14 Poisons and their Antidotes
    • FA15 Outline of First Aid And Appliances
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