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Floton Bilevel Ventilator

  • Compact, comfortable and quiet, the Floton Bilevel understands that every breath is different. Using advanced Adaptive Triggering Technology (ATT), Floton is designed to effortlessly synchronize with the natural breathing of the patient.

    ATT tracks ever y breath and monitors the different stages of the respiration cycle utilizing an Advanced Leak Calculation Algorithm that ensures reduced Work of Breathing (WOB) whilst providing the patient with effective and comfortable treatment.

  • Models

    Floton™ S20: BiLevel ventilation with Spontaneous (S) mode up to 20 cmH2O

    Floton™ ST20, ST25, ST30, ST33: BiLevel device with 5 modes of ventilation – S, T, ST, APCV and CPAP, inspiration pressure from 4cm H 2O to 33cm H20

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