Full Functional Neonatal CPR And Nursing Manikin

    • General care: change diapers, change clothes, mouth care, cold and hot therapy, bandaging;
    • Venous transfusion/puncture, arm veins include and Scalp vein includes.
    • Umbilical cord care: ligature of umbilical cord, umbilical venous intubation and transfusion;
    • Gastric intubation: detect tube position by means of auscultation; can practice gastrointestinal decompression, nasal feeding, gastric lavage, etc;
    • Bone marrow puncture: practice tibial puncture; outflow of simulative bone marrow shows proper puncture operation; drug liquid can be injected into and can practice transfusion operation;
    • CPR operation training: Supporting multiple breathing ways by mouth to mouth, mouth to nose and simple respirator to mouth; electronically monitor compression; frequency and volume of blowing, compression times, frequency and depth, blowing and compression can be training separately.