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Gaumard Susie and Simon Newborn Care Simulator

  • Available in Light, Medium or Dark Skin Tone

    • Soft and flexible facial skin
    • Self-molded hair
    • Realistic eyes
    • NG exercises to demonstrate tube feeding and gastric suction
    • Simulated ear canal
    • Tongue may be moved from side to side
    • Lifelike, rotating arms and legs
    • Soft hands, feet, fingers, and toes
    • Heel stick and finger prick technique
    • Soft upper body skin
    • Bathing and bandaging activity
    • Intramuscular injection site in upper thigh
    • TB test site
    • Urethral passage and bladder
    • Male and female catheterization (interchangeable)
    • Removable internal tanks
    • Enema administration
    • Comes with T-shirt, diaper, soft nylon carry bag, and instruction manual
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