Germigo Double Protection Cool Wave Hand Sanitizer 200 ml

  • GermiGo X Hand Sanitizer is a gel-based formulation with silver, hydrogen peroxide and alcohol. This combination offers double protection in germ control. Hydrogen peroxide oxidises the cell membranes of microbial cells. Silver destroys the cell DNA and metabolic enzymes, thus preventing cell division. Alcohol kills microbes by denaturation of their cell proteins and enzymes. GermiGo X is proven to give far higher efficacy in bacterial, fungal or viral control as compared to only alcohol or plain hydrogen peroxide. This hand sanitizer gel combines the unique power of all these 3 ingredients and thus, is one of the most effective hand sanitizers available in the market. WHO also recommends this combination.

    GermiGo X is extremely potent and a highly effective hand sanitizer. It is non-toxic, environment friendly and safe on hands. Available in exotic fragrances, this sanitizer is certified by the Indian FDA. The base formulation is certified Haffkine Institute for H1N1 Virus Control & BARC Radiation Centre for TB bacteria.

    • Disinfectant spray that effectively controls 99.99% bacteria, viruses and common pathogens
    • Formulated with silver catalysed hydrogen peroxide and alcohol
    • Silver offers residual protection for long-lasting safety against germs
    • Effective against like germs like TB bacteria and H1N1 virus
    • Works as an aerial and surface disinfectant, deodorant and air freshener
    • This household disinfectant spray leaves no toxic residues behind
    • Non-toxic, eco-friendly and cost effective cleaning solution
    • Certified by Indian FDA, Haffkine Institute and BARC Mumbai