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Global Distribution Solutions Portable Ventilator

    • Automatically converts standby mode during power outages.
    • Precisely measures gas flow, Stable and reliable.
    • Build in Dual electronic Flow sensors and respiratory modules.
    • Adjustable Humidifier
    • Elegant design and an automatic self calibrating sensor
    • Can be used for emergency clinical respiratory therapy
    • Operating Module: Pneumatically driven and electronically controlled, closed, semi closed and semi open.
    • Monitor Parameter: Tidal volume , respiration rate, Airway pressure, I:E ratio, Inspiratory and Expiration status,.
    • Trigger types: Pressure trigger and Flow trigger. 
    • Air Compression Details

    * Air Compressor: 220V AC +/- 10% 50+/-1hz, 700VAalso features good protective grounding against any electrical activity.

    * Output Gas pressure: 0.4mpa+/- 20%

    * Continuous Gas flow greater than or equal to 20l/min

    * Instantaneous gas flow greater than or equal to 60l/min

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