Green Agar

  • Green Agar is extracted from organically cultivated Gracilaria seaweed. It is Organic-certified based on EU Regulation and its implementation rules. No pesticide or chemical fertilizer is used in cultivation. It does not contain chloro organic and aflatoxin residuals and is manufactured in a Chlorine-free process. Green Agar is a vegetable-based thickener and therefore it does not represent any risk from the point of view the bovine spongy form encephalopathy and its transmission. Green Agar does not have any allergenic risk and is in agreement with EU regulations. The Pesticides residue also conforms to EU regulations. It does not contain mycotoxins and is also free from solvent residues. It must be stored in original packing unopened under cool and dry conditions and should be used within 36 months from the manufacturing date.