HOFFRICHTER Carat I PRO Ventilator

  • The CARAT I pro provides for the ventilation of patients who are not yet completely dependent on mechanical ventilation. This device is suitable for the care of adults as well as children starting with a breathing volume of 50 ml.

    • CARAT I pro was specially developed for use at home, but is also suitable for use in the clinic.

    • Selectable pressure or volume-controlled ventilation is ensured by setting the following ventilation modes: (A)PCV – (Assisted) Pressure-controlled ventilation; PSV – Pressure-supported ventilation; SIMV – Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation; (A)VCV – (Assisted) Volume-controlled ventilation

    • Ventilation can be either invasive (such as through a tracheotomy) as well as non-invasive (via a breathing mask). CARAT I pro is operated with a single-hose system. The device can be connected to a low-pressure gas source for ventilation with increased oxygen concentration (up to 15 l/min O2). It is also possible to combine the CARAT I pro with a humidifier.

    • CARAT I pro is a medical device and may only be used with a prescription and under the guidance of a physician.

    • The large, clear touch display comfortably takes the user through the different ventilation modes and their adaptation to the patient’s needs. The powerful, performance-optimized fan offers high flow capacity even at maximum treatment pressure and is notable for its exceptionally low operating noise for this class of device. That means nothing is left to be desired for home use.

    • The internal high-performance batteries offer energy reserves to bridge failures of the electrical power supply. In combination with the separately available external battery-pack the time of main power independency can be extended up to 20 hours.