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Human Body Temperature Measurement EN7-S02T

    • The traditional temperature measuring guns need to be held by a person reducing efficiency.
    • All-in-one face temperature measuring machine, automatic measures human temperature during facial scanning with improving the efficiency.
    • People without masks can be accurately detected. Automatically record abnormal temperature information of the human body and automatically count relevant person.
    • Adopt deep learning algorithm, support 30,000 face database, 200ms speed recognition, to achieve the rapid movement of personnel;
    • Support data network upload. The device comparison results and snapped photos can be uploaded to the platform for real- time storage.
    • The data can be continuously uploaded even if the network is off.
  • Model number EN7-S02T
    Cameras 2MP
    Temperature detector Thermal image processing, Sony sensor
    O.S. Linux
    Display 7” IPS HD 1024 x 600, 300 CD/m2
    Interfaces RS485, RS232, RJ45, relay
    Rated voltage 12VDC – 12W
    Panel size 219 x 111 x 21.5 mm
    Stand 33 x 189 mm
    Protection IP66
    Temperature measuring distance 0.5 – 1.0 m (0.75 m suggested distance)
    Identification accuracy  99.5%
    Recognition speed 200 ms
    Human face capability 30.000
    Best face recognition distance 0.5 – 2.2 m
    Temperature accuracy ±0.3°C
    Detection range 36°C – 42°C
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