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Human Physiology Charts - Set Of 31 Charts

  • Laminated & Fitted With Best Quality Plastic Rollers Or Rigid Chemical Lamination, Aluminium Frame with Markable Surface.

    Printed on Synthetic in original colours.

    Size 70 x 100 cms. Set of 32 Charts



    HP01S The Skeleton

    HP02S Human Muscles

    HP03S Blood Circulation

    HP04S Nervous System

    HP05S Digestive System

    HP06S Human Eye

    HP07S Human Ear

    HP08S Kidney, Skin, Excretory Organs

    HP09S The Respiratory System

    HP10S Human Heart

    HP11S Endocrine System

    HP12S Male Reproductive System

    HP13S Female Reproductive System

    HP14S Human Embryology

    HP15S Lymphatic System

    HP16S Human Brain

    HP17S Human Teeth

    HP18S Pregnancy And Birth

    HP19S Human Kidney

    HP20S Urinary Tract

    HP21S Human Skull

    HP22S Ear, Nose, Throat

    HP23S Liver, Gallbladder And Pancreas

    HP24S Human Lungs

    HP25S Joints of Human Body

    HP26S Immune System

    HP27S Human Skin

    HP28S Movable Joints

    HP29S Human Spinal Code

    HP30S Menstrual Cycle

    HP31S Contraception (Birth Control)

    HP32S Vertebral Coloumn

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