Human Respiratory System

SKU: ZX 1306
    • Made of advanced HSP resin.
    • Size : 40x80 cm. Mounted on wooden sturdy base board for easy display.
    • Well illustrated and informative.
    • Upper half of the model displays nasal cavity, oral cavity, trachea,bronchia, bronchial tree in pulmonary lobe, right and left lungs cut open, heart in situ, pulmonary blood vessels and diaphragm with muscles attached to it.
    • 24 positions are marked in upper part model.
    • Lower half of the modle shows enlarged pulmonary acinus displaying pulmonary alveoli, alveolar saccules, bronchial artery and veins and alveolar capillary network.
    • Total 14 positions are marked in lower part model.
    • Model is accurately made from actual specimen references, photographs and encyclopedia reference under expert guidance.