Influenza A Typing Real-Time PCR Test

  • Real-time amplification and detection of influenza A subtypes H1N1 (pdm09), H3N2, H5N1, and H7N9

    Product features

    • Influenza A Typing Real-Time RCR Test Strips

    • H5N1/H7N9 Confirmatory Test Strips

    • Optical Caps

    • Positive Control; Negative Control

    • PCR-Grade Water

    • Resuspension Solution


    • Sensitivity: 96.5% for H1N1 (pdm09), 97.1% for H3N2

    • Specificity: 97.6% for H1N1 (pdm09), 100% for H3N2

    • Limit of Detection: The kit has a detection limit of ≥50 influenza A subtype H1N1 (pdm09), ≥50 influenza A subtype H3N2, ≥10 influenza A subtype H5N1, and ≥10 influenza A subtype H7N9 RNA copies per reaction.

    • Cross-Reactivity: no cross-reactivity with many common respiratory pathogens (see details in package insert)