INJ-series Venturi Injector (Accessory)

  • INJ-series Venturi Injector in engineering Stainless Steel can be used for various ozone applications where liquid and gas mixing is necessary. Venturi Injectors work by forcing water through a conical body, which initiates a pressure differential between the inlet and outlet ports. This creates a vacuum inside the injector body, which initiates ozone suction through the suction port. This ozone Venturi is excellent for ozone mass transfer. Molded Stainless Steel and rugged construction ensure years of life. Ozone suction port quickly transfers ozone gas into water stream under pressure.

  • Available Models: INJ25, INJ38

    • Made of engineering thermoplastics with superior strength, high temperature stability
    • Excellent chemical resistance to most of the chemicals
    • No moving parts, low maintenance, trouble free operation
    • Unique design allows maximum cavitation in the injection chamber, thereby providing instantaneous mixing, low initial and installation cost
    • Ideally suited for continues mixing functions, require no secondary blending devices
    • Alternatively where no differential pressure is available, the injector can be operated in conjunction with a small booster pump to boost pressure through injector