Inogen Oxygen Concentrator One G3

    • The New Inogen One G3 Delivers Complete Independence Because Of Its Compact Size, Light Weight And Optimal Oxygen Dosage
    • Inogen One G3 Is Your Single Solution For Oxygen At Home Or Away
    • It Comes With 2 Yrs Warranty
  • Breathing is one of the four primary vital signs of life. For most of us, breathing is an automatic function that does not require any effort from our end, and it carries on subconsciously throughout our lives. However, for those suffering from respiratory disorders this seemingly autonomous and effort-free task can become laborious, leading to a lack of oxygen and creating life-threatening situations for sufferers. For these individuals, oxygen concentrators are lifesaving miraculous devices. Such is the story of Inogen - one of the best-known manufacturers of oxygen concentrators around the world. Driven by a quest to improve the life of Mae, a beloved grandmother of the founders of Inogen, these determined individuals have focused their efforts into creating revolutionary devices that help those suffering from respiratory disorders. Sanrai was formed due to the need of their founders to find a quality oxygen therapy device for their mother in India that would also be serviced well by the distributor. As they were unable to find this, the founders of Sanrai decided to take matters into their own hands and create a company that solves the problems that they faced. For Inogen to ensure that products they created with such passion are distributed to those who need them the most around the world, they needed a partner that understood and shared their core values. Enter Sanrai – a company formed for reasons that echoed Inogen’s origins. Sanrai is an official Inogen product distributor and service partner for Africa, India, the Middle East and Latin America. Inogen understands that those with respiratory illnesses should not be confined to their homes or a care facility. Inogen believes that their product should let you live your life, the way you want to. From information sessions and consultations during pre-sales to after-sales support and outstanding post-warranty support, Sanrai is committed to delivering only the best of services, products and spares.