Room Disinfection System is an advanced and mobile air sterilizer specially designed to treat room air. The air sterilizer utilizes ozone, which is a widely-known powerful oxidizer and aerial disinfectant. Ozone gas kills bacteria, viruses (including the new coronavirus), odours and other contaminants in the air. Due to its good penetration capacity, it reaches each and every corner of the room to effectively disinfect the entire place.

Room Disinfection System features fully automated disinfection cycle and ozone deactivation cycle. The activation cycle generates ozone to kill those airborne pathogens. The deactivation cycle quickly deactivates ozone and converts it into oxygen leaving the places ready to be occupied instantly. This advanced ozone technology helps to maintain high professional hygiene standards for patient care by increase patient safety and protecting the working environment in hospitals.

Instaclean Room Disinfection System

SKU: Instaclean1000, 2000
  • 360° Purification

    Ozone reaches every corner of the room due to its high penetration capacity and Ozone is superior to UV radiation as UV has limited penetration which could only disinfect air close to the lamp.

    The free oxygen atoms or radicals of Ozone are highly reactive and they will oxidize almost anything (including viruses, bacteria, organic and inorganic compounds) in contact, making it an enormously powerful disinfectant and oxidizer. Disinfection efficiency of ozone is superior to UV radiation and HEPA filter.

    The Room Disinfection System is perfect for use in hospitals. It can also be used in education centres, banquet halls, conference rooms and garbage storage rooms.

  • MODEL: Instaclean1000

    • ELECTRICAL RATING: 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 265 Watts
    • AREA COVERAGE: 10000 cu.ft / 283 m³
    • AIR FLOW: 240 CFM
    • ENCLOSURE: Powder Coated Mild Steel
    • DIMENSION (L x W x H): 414 x 450 x 735 mm
    • WEIGHT: 30kg
    • AMBIENT OZONE SENSOR: Not Available

    MODEL: Instaclean2000

    • ELECTRICAL RATING:  230 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 675 Watts
    • AREA COVERAGE: 20000 cu.ft / 566 m³
    • AIR FLOW: 240 CFM
    • ENCLOSURE: Powder Coated Mild Steel
    • DIMENSION (L x W x H): 425 x 550 x 1006 mm
    • WEIGHT: 40kg