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L-series Oxygen Feed Ozone Generator

  • The L-series Oxygen Feed Ozone Generators with High frequency CD Technology are designed for high performance. The L-series works from external oxygen or dry air as feed gas to produce ozone gas. This series is designed for continuous running and maintenance free operation.

    The L-Series has a wide range of models from 10 g/h to 200 g/h. It has very good life on ozone cells compared with Air Feed Ozone Generators because of moisture-free dry oxygen. We also supply suitable high purity Industrial Oxygen concentrators needed for the L-Series. It is built on GRP enclosure for L10G to L60G and Mild Steel powder coated enclosure for L100G to L200G that is rugged, weather proof and static electricity safe.

  • Available Models: L10G, L20G, L30G, L40G, L50G, L60G, L100G, L200G

    • Compact and Wall mountable
    • High voltage and High frequency corona discharge
    • Long life stainless steel ozone electrodes
    • Ozone Status lamp, Oxygen flow meter
    • Over current, Over temperature Protection
    • Lowest power consumption in its class
    • Air cooled electrodes
    • Over current, over temperature protection
    • Optional 4-20 mA / 0-5 V analog interface
    • Variable ozone output (0-100%)
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