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Laboratory Management System-MAXIM LIS

    • Masters: Collection center master, User master, Test master, Lab unit master, Account master 
    • Internet and Intranet Based: Consist of Unlimited LAN terminals license, plus host of new features added, Complete package for making hi-tech automated pathology laboratory 
    • Easy Add/Edit/Search: Add/edit customer, Add/edit doctor, Edit test, Patient search 
    • Billing:  Maxim LIS comes with Billing, Inventory and accounting management inbuilt in the software, Patients can access reports via Internet using Login Name and Password, Software as per NABL Guidelines 
    • Aadhar Linking: The software is linked with aadhar card, System reads the information from aadhar card and displays it on various forms in the software 
    • Specimen: Specimen collection, Specimen rejection/hold, Sample status, Discard sample type report 
    • Admin Section: Maxim LIS provides admin section to handle all the operations at once 
    • Reports: Summary report (investigation report, Reports with graphical representation, Discard sample type report, Print reports, Maxim LIS is able to send report to collection Centre via internet 
    • Test Results: Auto load default test results, Add/edit test result patient entry, Print multiple test results on a single page, On one page combine Heamogram + Biochemistry reports
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