Lifebuoy Alcohol Based Germ Protection Hand Sanitizer 500 ml

  • Boost the agents that give you hand immunity to keep fighting germs for upto 10 hours with Lifebuoy Total Hand Sanitizer. Immunity Boosting Sanitizer. It not only kills 99.99% germs instantly, but also boosts you immunity for upto 10 hours.

    And all this without having to use any water. This makes Lifebuoy Total Hand Sanitizer your defense against germs without having to make a trip to the wash basin. Just take a drop and Apply on your palm. Spread and rub over back of your hands and fingertips until dry. Your hands are free from 99.99% germs instantly, without water.

    Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer is the most convenient and instant way to hygienic hands - be it when you want to eat something quickly or when you want to have germ free hands wherever you are.


    • Boosts Immunity for 10 hours
    • Kills 99.99% germs without water
    • Kills 99.99% germs anytime, anywhere
    • Effective against broad range of bacteria and viruses