M-series O2 Integrated Ozone Generator

  • M-series O2 Integrated Ozone Generators are ready to use straight away after installation. They have inbuilt oxygen unit, safety features, control panel and industrial oxygen concentrator for feed gas. This series is designed for continuous running and maintenance-free operation.

    The M-Series has a wide range of models from 10 g/h to 200 g/h. The control panel shows and allows to keep track of all the operational parameters needed for day to day monitoring such as voltage/current meter, ozone status lamp, hours meter, pressure gauge, oxygen flow meter, variable ozone output knob, on/off switch, emergency shut down switch, over current and over temperature protection.

  • Available Models: M10G, M20G, M30G, M40G, M50G, M60G, M100G, M150G, M200G

    • High Voltage & frequency corona discharge
    • Variable ozone output setting
    • Durable stainless steel electrode
    • Inbuilt industrial grade oxygen concentrator
    • Easy monitoring using Control panel
    • High ozone concentration of 6-8% by weight
    • Floor-mountable device