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Magnum Flat Fold Respirator with NIOSH N95 Certification, Pack of 1

    • NIOSH, CE and ISI Tested; Filters >95% Non-Oil based Particles; FFP1 Class, Filters at least 80% solid air borne particles.
    • Provides unparalleled protection: The N95 Surgical Mask has been rigorously tested to provide sufficient protection against dust and particles.
    • Available in a flat-fold option: Lightweight and thin construction with a soft inner layer for added comfort. Elastic head straps are sonic welded inside the outer layers to minimise pressure points.
    • Incredibly lightweight – 33% lighter than other comparable respirators to decrease wearer fatigue, which makes for a more comfortable, longer wearing time.
    • Universal, one size respirator to fit almost any shape/size face
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