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Multi-functional Nursing Simulator (Male)

SKU: NS-6001
  • Designed according to the demand of the clinical principles and the guidelines of nursing training. This multifunctional simulator could simulate an actual circumstance for practice. Multiple functions, rural practice, easy assembly, well shaped appearance and correct anatomical landmarks provides a very good training for practice.

  • Features:

        Head Care

        Body care

        Patient moving

        Different lying pose

        Bilateral and Unilateral oxygen inhalation

        Atomization inhalation therapy

        Nasal Feeding

        Gastric lavage training

        Intravenous Injection

        Intramuscular Injection

        Hypodermic Injection

        Various fistulae orifice washing practice

        Male Catheterization

        Male Bladder Washing

        Enema Treatment

        Simulator Assembly

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