OD-series Ozone Destruct Unit (Accessory)

  • Destruction of unused ozone off gas is an important part of any ozone process. The Ozone Destruct Unit is the most economical and efficient method for destroying unused ozone gas after the reaction process.

    The Ozone Destruct Unit is an aluminum pipe with 6mm fittings that easily attach to an ozone contact tank, de-gas separator or other ozone contacting system to convert any unused ozone off-gas into oxygen before venting into the atmosphere. It uses an Mno2 mixture as a catalyst for long lasting ozone decomposition potential. With so much ozone destruct potential in an efficient package, the ozone destruct unit, along with ambient ozone gas monitors, will be an important part of every plant's safety programme to ensure ambient ozone levels remain below required limits.

  • Available Model: OD-10

    • Real time detects and indicates indoor ozone leak
    • Design temperature compensation ozone detects
    • One dry contact output to control ozone generator
    • Semiconductor ozone gas sensor inside and measure range is 50-100 ppb
    • High performance