OEM Ozone Generator

  • The OEM range of ozone generators can be used by ozone companies for various applications. The OEM Ozone Generators are available from 1 g/h to 50 g/h modules. Mounted on a base plate, ready to fix into an enclosure, the OEM models are the finest available in the market. The simple yet advanced design makes it easier for companies to integrate the product with their system.

  • Available Models: OEM - 100x1, 100x2, 180x1, 180x2, 180x3, 180x4, 180x6, Block 50G

    • Compact and lightweight
    • High concentration of ozone
    • Long life stainless steel electrode
    • Efficient smooth operation
    • High voltage output wave form is substantially sinusoidal
    • Ozone resistant transformer encapsulation ensures long trouble free life in harsh environments
    • Short circuit proof, current limiting topology is designed to continues in the most demanding of electrical and temperature environments

Licence Number: 123-456-7890

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