OMC-series Monitor and Controller (Accessory)

  • OMC-series Monitor and Controller is designed for Ozone gas monitoring. Ozone Monitor is very essential in detecting any ozone leakage from ozone systems placed indoors. As per safety norms from OSHA and EPA, ozone monitor is must in every industry. These state-of-the-art ozone monitors or ozone sensors measure ozone levels with high accuracy, rapid response and operational simplicity. This dissolved ozone Concentration monitor is able to cover a broad measuring range from low concentrations to high concentrations.

  • Available Models: OMC-1, OMC-20

    • Real time detects and indicates indoor ozone leak
    • Design temperature compensation ozone detects
    • One dry contact output to control ozone generator
    • Semiconductor ozone gas sensor inside and measure range is 50 - 100 ppb
    • Higher performance with lower price