Ozodip Veg & Meat Detoxifier

  • Ozodip Veg & Meat Detoxifier is a great option to control the pesticides on fruits and veggies. It is a compact and wall-mountable machine, specially designed for kitchens. The detoxifier uses chemical-free ozone technology to remove pesticides, dirt, chemicals, bacteria, fungus and viruses from the food we consume.

    Ozone Purification Technology

    Washing vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood with plain water will not help in eliminating chemicals and other contaminations. The Ozodip Veg & Meat Detoxifier utilizes the powerful ozone technology to remove all the impurities on the surface of vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood.

    Ozone is an ideal choice for removing residual pesticides and chemcials from vegetables. Oxidizing actions of ozone can breakdown toxic chemicals on food making them biodegradable while improving shelf life. Ozone has been shown to enhance the flavor and appearance of fresh cut salad while controlling food-borne pathogens.

    Ozone is one of the cleanest, eco-friendly, safest and most effective sterilizing agents. Ozone eliminates harmful bacteria and neutralizes toxic pesticides on fruits. It lowers counts of spoilage microorganisms in wash water and fruits surface, and hence fruits stay fresh twice as longer. Ozone does not affect the colour, quality or texture of fruits.

    Meats are highly perishable due to bacterial contamination, and in the worst case scenario, the contamination can cause food poisoning. Ozone inhibits the growth of coliform and total aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in meat during refrigerated storage.

    It is important to eliminate human pathogens from fresh product, especially fresh seafood. Ozone kills pathogenic E-coli and similar organisms on the surface of seafood. Ozone improves quality and shelf life of the seafood and seafood products by weeks, compared to the normal five to seven day shelf life.

    Dry cleaning of cereals has a poor cleaning effect on the surface dust, microorganism, eggs and insect pest. Dissolved ozone can be used in the washing of cereal grains to inactivate microorganisms. Washing cereals with ozonated water will not alter chemical, physical or rheological properties.

    Dissolved ozone can be used to wash packaged foods too, through which any type of viruses can easily spread. As the viruses stay longer on surfaces, washing with ozone prevents transmission of any type of virus. It's always a good idea - even when there's no pandemic - to rinse store-bought packaged foods to reduce the risk level.

    Instructions for use

    Step 1: Take a big bowl, pour water in it and fill it up with vegetables and fruits.

    Step 2:  Put the tube in the bowl and make sure the diffuser end of the tube reaches the bowl to get better results.

    Step 3: Press the Start button for detoxification and it turns OFF after 5 mins. Your vegetables & fruits are ready for use.  

    • MODEL: Ozodip 20
    • ELECTRICAL RATING: 12V DC, 6 Watts
    • TIMER: Auto Power OFF after 5 min
    • DIMENSION (L x W x H): 155 x 42 x 130 in mm
    • WEIGHT: 700 gram
    • FREE ACCESSORIES: Power Cord, Silicon Tube and Diffusers