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Rhinovirus/Enterovirus Real-Time PCR Test

  • Real-time amplification and detection of rhinovirus or enterovirus

    Product features

    • Real-time PCR technology

    • Dry formulation in an easy-to-use format provides a stable system

    • Room temperature shipment and storage for up to 24 months

    • Lyophilized components in each reaction well for stability, integrity and convenience

    • Pre-mixed reagents for less test steps and less human errors

    • Open system suitable for most real-time PCR thermocyclers and nucleic acid extraction kits on the market


    • Limit of Detection: ≥10 rhinovirus and ≥10 enterovirus RNA copies detected as positive ≥95% of the time

    • Cross-Reactivity: no cross-reactivity with many common respiratory pathogens (see details in package insert)

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