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Spreadable Agar Agar Agar Type Wondergel 50

  • Agar Agar Type Wondergel is a perfect vegetable substitute to traditional animal gelatin that provides a soft & delicate texture and creaminess and ability to spread smoothly. Wondergel 50 has the ability to dissolve completely at 75 degrees C to form a gel-sol up on cooling that can spread smoothly. It is ideal for vegetarian & vegan diets as it is made from a natural plant-based source.

    In water-based systems, it takes on different states and its primary purpose is thickening and /or gelation. Secondary functionalities include emulsifying, whipping, suspending and encapsulating.

    It has high versatility in applications such as cake glaze, decorative piping gel, yogurt, soft puddings, creamy custards, spreadable cheese etc.

    Wondergel is easy to use without additional gelling aids, with high water binding capacity and high in dietary fibre. Wonder Gel has excellent synergy with sugar and other hydrocolloids and its low gelling point and easy and rapid dissolution at 70-800C allows convenient management on industrial production lines. Wonder Gel is a replacement for LM Pectin and Iota Carrageenan also.

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