The Development Process For Fetus

SKU: XC-414
  • Made of PVC and synthetic rubber. The model consists of 10 parts and shows the relationship between Fetus and Uterus during the gestation period.

  • Part No. Gestation Month Appearance/Height of Fetus
    1st Normal Uterus Inner genitals
    2nd First Placenta is shown
    3rd Second Embryo looks like human.
    4th Third Fetus is about 9cm.
    5th Fourth Fetus is about 16cm.
    6th Fifth Fetus is about 25cm.
    7th Sixth Fetus is about 30cm.
    8th Seventh Fetus is about 35cm.
    9th Eighth Fetus is about 40cm.
    10th Nineth Fetus is about 45cm.